Paid for by, Mental Health Care for All, supported by Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Matt Haney.

Financial disclosures are available at  FPPC#1419005

Mental Health SF was developed in consultation with community leaders and healthcare experts to address the city's mental health care needs.

Preventative psychiatric care–

For the first time San Franciscans will be able to access preventative psychiatric care before it becomes a dangerous emergency.

First of its kind facility–

The plan creates a mental health drop-in center that provides psychiatrists, medication, and access to substance abuse treatment to any San Franciscan who needs it regardless of their ability to pay.

Coordinated healthcare oversight–

The plan mandates the creation of an Office of Coordinated Care which will provide oversight, collect data, and manage outcomes__ to make sure that patients aren’t passed from program to program or abandoned on the streets.

Expands critical care–

The city’s overflowing psychiatric emergency rooms, locked wards and long-term treatment centers will be expanded to make sure that people found to be a danger to themselves or others receive the care that they need.

Download the full initiative here.